Meet Dusan Devedzic: Our New Junior Operations Executive at Z Omni Serve

We’re thrilled to introduce Dusan Devedzic our colleague and a dedicated student of the Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance, where he majors in the application of information technology. Dusan managed to mix his academic focus and practical experience and is a great addition to our team.  

Dusan Devedzic, Junior Operations Executive at Z Omni Serve

Career Journey 

Dusan’s career journey is rich with experiences that have shaped him into the professional he is today. His first significant role was as a merchandiser at Nelt, where he worked for a year and a half. This role taught him the importance of organization and attention to detail, as he managed product displays and inventory. 

He then moved on to a customer support role at Serbian Railways. Here, Dusan learned the ins and outs of customer interaction, problem-solving, and the importance of clear communication. Though he describes these roles as not particularly exciting, they provided him with essential skills and a strong foundation in business operations. 

Role at Z Omni Serve 

Dusan joined Z Omni Serve as a Back Office Agent. In this role, he was responsible for ensuring that everything behind the scenes ran smoothly. This required a keen eye for detail, constant communication with his team, and maintaining a well-organized workflow. His dedication and hard work in this position did not go unnoticed. 

Starting soon, Dusan will step into his new role as a Junior Operations Executive. While he’s still getting familiar with what this role will involve, he knows it comes with greater responsibility. Dusan is excited and ready to embrace this new challenge, confident that his previous experiences have prepared him well. 

Achievements and Competitions 

Dusan’s professional journey is matched by his active participation in various competitions. He has taken part in hackathons, marketing challenges, and case studies. These competitions have not only been a platform for him to present his skills but also to learn and grow. Dusan has achieved first and second place in several of these events, demonstrating his ability to perform under pressure. 

His success in competitions has also opened doors to mentoring opportunities. Dusan has been invited to mentor in numerous competitions over the years, sharing his knowledge and guiding others to achieve their best. 

Hobbies and Personal Life 

When he’s not working or studying, Dusan enjoys reading and hiking. These activities offer him a perfect balance between mental stimulation and physical relaxation. He is also committed to improving his software skills, constantly seeking new knowledge and ways to enhance his capabilities. 

Despite his busy schedule, family and friends remain Dusan’s top priority. They are his source of inspiration and motivation, driving all his achievements. Whether it’s a family gathering or a catch-up with friends, Dusan values these moments deeply. 

Looking Ahead 

We are excited to see Dusan grow in his new role as Junior Operations Executive at Z Omni Serve. His journey from a Back Office Agent to this new position is just the beginning. Dusan’s blend of academic knowledge, practical experience, and passion for learning will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to our team. 

Welcome aboard, Dusan! We look forward to seeing all that you will accomplish. 

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