IFX EXPO International 2023’s Navigating the Future of Fintech: Z Omni Serve Marketing

The meeting point for worldwide fintech collaboration.

Z Omni Serve Marketing is excited to be a part of the greatest financial B2B exhibition, the IFX exhibition International 2023, from September 19th to 21st, 2023. We’re delighted to share our insights, objectives, and the enormous opportunities that await us at this conference as we begin this incredible adventure.

IFX EXPO International 2023
IFX EXPO International 2023: A Gathering of Fintech Leaders

IFX EXPO multinational 2023, dubbed “The Place for Global Fintech Collaboration,” welcomes top-level executives from prominent multinational firms to meet, connect, and ignite the flames of innovation.
This is more than a conference, it’s an immersive event with 2+ days, 100+ presenters, and 4000+ guests. It is the world’s largest financial B2B expo, with over 25 expos, 75,000+ attendees, and 3,000+ exhibitors. It is a dynamic platform where alliances are formed, knowledge is shared, and visions are formed.

The promise of face-to-face contacts is key to the core of IFX EXPO International 2023. It’s an opportunity to strike up a conversation with representatives from a variety of industries. From Technology and Service Providers to Digital Assets and Blockchain, Retail & Institutional Brokers, Payments, Banks & Liquidity Providers, Affiliates & IBs, and Regulation & Compliance, this convergence of fintech luminaries offers doors to limitless opportunities.

What We're Excited About: What's Next

For Z Omni Serve Marketing, this event is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with C-level executives from leading international companies, absorb insights from industry experts, and access invaluable tools to supercharge our business.

Here’s an overview of what we’re looking forward to:

  1. Networking Extravaganza: The conference acts as a one-of-a-kind melting pot for possible partners, collaborators, and peers in the industry. We’re ready to participate in meaningful conversations that could lead to game-changing collaborations.
  2. Exploring Fintech Frontiers: From Technology and Service Providers to Digital Assets and Blockchain, we’re keen to learn about the latest trends and technologies that can help our clients.
  3. Broker Engagement: The IFX EXPO is the ultimate chance for our team to engage with brokers, compare service providers, and investigate options for expanding our products to suit institutional demands.
  4. Tailored Financial Solutions: Payments, Banks, and Liquidity Providers will provide us with the ability to discover personalized financial solutions tailored to our business needs.
  5. Affiliate Insights: Affiliate marketing is a trendy issue, and we’re looking forward to diving into talks about boosting traffic and maximizing affiliate marketing methods. The exhibit floor provides a plethora of information.
  6. Regulatory Knowledge: No business can thrive unless it understands regulation and compliance. We strive to meet regulatory, audit, legal, and compliance demands to ensure that we operate at the highest level.

Meet the Visionaries: Knowledge is Power

They say information is power, and we'll get the opportunity to learn from some of the industry's most important voices at IFX EXPO International 2023:
  • George Theocharides, Chairman of the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission
  • Yorgos Monokandylos, Industry Manager FinTech at Google
  • Dimitrios Patsos, Sr. Specialist, Security at Microsoft
  • Panos Bollas, Sector Lead for Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria & Malta at Google
  • Fedor Balashko, Head of Sales, Fintech at TikTok
  • Stella Mourouzidou Damtsa, Manager Segments and Propositions at Bank of Cyprus
  • Michael Ioannides, Visa Country Manager Cyprus at Visa Europe
  • Otakar Suffner, CEO of FTMO
  • Andreas Constantinides, Manager, Professional Services at Odyssey CyberSecurity And many others.

These thought leaders will broaden our understanding, stimulate creativity, and refuel our excitement for the fintech sector.

We invite you to journey with Z Omni Serve Marketing on this transformational path to IFX EXPO International 2023. Stay tuned for real-time updates, exclusive insight, and our summations of this unique experience.

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