Meet Milos: Footballer at Heart and a Business Process Analyst at Z Omni Serve Marketing

At Z Omni Serve Marketing, every individual matters and has something to contribute. Especially when we’re talking about young people with the eagerness to learn, succeed, and create the life of their dreams.

One of those people we’re lucky to work with is Milos Ilic. Our colleague is known for being precise, hardworking, and a real friend.

Milos Ilic holding a football on a field, symbolizing his journey from a passionate football player to a skilled Business Process Analyst at Z Omni Serve Marketing.

Childhood Dreams on the Field: Small League Kickabouts and Competitive Football

Going way back, before Milos even considered working in a corporate setting, he was a boy with dreams about playing football. He made those dreams happen and started playing football when he was only 6 years old. Can you imagine the love and the ambition that a 6-year-old must have had?

Well, Milos knew from the start that football was his passion. He practiced hard, and proved that he was serious – and this adventure continued into his adolescent years. At some point, Milos played football professionally. He made his dream come true by competing in matches and scoring wins for his team.

From Football Field to IT Education

At some point, Milos changed his focus to education, but he never stopped playing football. Today, football is a hobby that he gladly turns to. As a young millennial, he became interested in computers and the way things work.

That’s what led him to attend university where he enrolled in IT. He soon realized how broad and interesting the IT world is, and started thinking more about the specific niche he would like to find himself in.

What Hobbies Does Milos Enjoy in His Free Time?

  • Playing video games
  • Playing tennis
  • Playing basketball

Stepping into the Corporate Arena: From Newbie to Business Process Analyst

Once Milos became a part of our Z Omni family, it was clear that he would become a valuable employee. At the heart of his position, which is called a Business Process Analyst, is the task of solving business problems through the utilization of systems and data. With an eye for detail and advanced data analysis skills, Milos excels in the production and visualization of reports. He provides valuable insights to inform decision-making processes.

In addition to his analytical skills, Milos is an expert at applying statistical methodologies, which is a crucial skill for a job like this. His understanding of technological trends allows him to propose the introduction of new solutions, keeping our company at the forefront of innovation.

Milos’ Journey Has Just Begun

As a young, hard-working guy, Milos has yet to reveal his full potential and achieve all of his goals. His role extends beyond analysis; he actively contributes to process improvement initiatives, providing recommendations and suggestions to enhance our platforms.

Whether it’s monitoring and proposing the adoption of technological trends or performing analyses by order of a superior, Milos’ dedication and expertise are invaluable assets to our team.

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