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Z Omni Serve Marketing with the help of unique digital solutions makes your business easier. Our Back-office support has been perfected to enable quality business in the most efficient way, quickly and risk-free. Z Omni Serve is the result of our long experience in building customized business solutions for the various industries such as gaming, iGaming, blockchain and ecommerce.

Our unique rules and intelligent processes increase the accuracy rate of information and help detect fraud, allowing you to focus on business growth. We can take care of secondary but important back-office support needs in your business, while saving you money and resources. B2B connections in business are more complex and specific than the connections that a company has with end users, we know how to professionally cover all your business needs.

Back-Office support

We will take care of compliance, accuracy and all the complexities surrounding the processing of your customers’ deposits.

Customer satisfaction is the most important goal that every business should follow daily. In the hands of our specialists, users will always come back to you.

Position yourself at the market in the way you deserve. We are here to follow the trends for you.

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In the intricate tapestry of Z Omni Serve Marketing's success, Milos emerges as a thread of unwavering dedication and operational excellence. As a back-office agent, he is critical to ensuring the smooth...

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October 2023 Digital Marketing News & Update

As digital marketing continues to evolve, October 2023 brought forth a multitude of key happenings and innovations worthy of attention. From new features on social media platforms to experiments with artificial intelligence and various enhancements in user experience, this month has been rich in ...

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Meet Adela, the HR Manager of Z Omni Serve Marketing

Adela is the HR Manager at Z Omni Serve Marketing. She is responsible for managing all aspects of human resources, including recruitment, onboarding, training, performance management, and employee relations.Adela is also responsible for developing and implementing HR strategies that align with the company's overall business goals...

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Risk and fraud pose substantial issues for enterprises across industries in today's evolving business market These threats can lead to significant financial losses, reputational damage, and operational disruptions, hindering business growth and sustainability. Organizations must...

Risk and Fraud
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Meet Igor: The Graphic Design Expert at Z Omni Serve Marketing

Igor is a highly skilled and experienced graphic designer. He has a deep understanding of the latest design trends and can create visually appealing and engaging content that helps our clients stand out from the competition.

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Our Services

Take Your Business to the next Level

Digital Advertising

Through online channels, we are here to help you generate leads, increase brand awareness, get more customers, make more sales, get customers to spend more.

Social Media

We are managing the creation, publication, and promotion of your social media posts. Build customer loyalty, increase market reach, develop your brand, recruit skilled staff, increase website traffic or keep an eye on your competitors.


Operations team measures, evaluates, maintains and improves internal processes to help ensure their efficiency and productivity. OPS team provides necessary support for other teams to function efficiently, as well as reviewing current operational policies and procedures for an organisation and implementing new policies when necessary.

Back-Office Support

Back-office support includes services such as account managing, deposit processing and fraud prevention. Efficiency of our department helps in minimizing downtime and provides positive experience for customers while using the platform. Function of the back-office support team plays the key role in success of an iGaming platform and it is important for every operator who is entering the market.


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"We are building a company that is tailored to employees, a place where our team members are satisfied, a place where they can achieve their professional development. That is why we always follow and support the ideas of our people, because without them our company would not be what it is - a place where day at work becomes enjoyment, and business success is a consequence of the business success of our employees."
Adela Šamanc Mihajlović
HR Manager
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