Technologies we are using in everyday tasks

We, at Z Omni Serve Marketing, are strongly believing that digital technologies are the present and the future of every large system in the world. Therefore, in the business area as well.

Blockchain technology has made an enormous impact on the world’s tech market and has been a big part of revolution since the start. As the needs for secure and safe technology grew bigger, the constant updates and development came following that.

A few years ago, we could not even imagine that going to the bank, visiting cities or eating in a restaurant will be covered in some totally unconventional way.
Nowadays, we witness the use of digital technology everywhere around us. Since Governments start using blockchain technology, or real estate’s industry, or money transfer process has been based on it, it’s just the nature of needs and development that IT professionals and experts are in position of constant learning.
Here, at our offices, we tend to replace old with new and inefficient processes with more productive once. We aim to create a modern and relaxed environment for our employees in addition to give them space and time to keep-up and learn new technologies or how to use some upgraded.
We are lucky to have a young team of very experienced and motivated individuals. With those motivation comes will for learning. We are ready at every moment to adopt to the changes on the market or in the business. It’s the challenges that drive us to educate ourselves, develop and increase organizational knowledge.

Business advice that every employee is taking out from the office is:
”No micromanagement and good training can make you enjoy your work and achieve brilliant results”.

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