The blog begins

Hello and welcome to our first blog. I am a social media manager at Z Omni Serve Marketing and I am glad to be your first blog host. We are eager to meet you and that’s why we want to introduce ourselves first.

Z Omni Serve Marketing is the young global IT consulting company specializing in customer support and improving business performance for digital products and businesses.

We are young, dynamic, fastgrowing, modern and fast-learning company. Since we’ve opened our doors for the first time to the public in October 2022, we have passioned clients and according to that more and more departments at the company has been opened that are keen to make their best.

Running fast

In the last 4 months we managed to hire 30 young, well—educated, experienced and motivated people. But that’s not the end, we are just getting started. Plan is to go much bigger and to cover as many as possible types of a digital products and businesses. We cherish values that each member of our team is bringing to the table. Moreover, contribution to the development of departments, teams and company itself is on-going project for our HR and C-levels.

When it comes to what can best describe our team and company, we can list 7+ specific attributes:

• Optimistic;
• People-orientated;
• Result-orientated;
• Well-educated;
• Constant learning;
• Challenge acceptance;
• And many more.


What employees enjoy the most?

We care about our employees. Our HR department, as well as every employee separately, are always tending to make their time at work satisfying and interesting. Making joining activities, leaving a space for people to express themselves, and also space for stress relief like Darts board hanging in the hallway are just some of the advantages of working with us. Healthy working environment is the half-done job.Other important thing for our people are tools and technical equipment that they can use and work in it. As we all want to deliver excellent results it’s crucial to use up-to-date systems and platforms, to keep up with the industry trends and to have short time of implementing them into our everyday work. That is something that our team members and also clients value the most.Enjoyment has a very different definition for every one of us, but we can all together agree that working in a healthy environment with a lot of room for individual career growth is the most important thing that can drives us and motivate too. And Z Omni Serve is providing and investing in it.

Every time someone checks their task done there is the new challenge patiently waiting behind the door

Have you ever been in a situation where you someone give you that random task that seemed easy but you suddenly find yourself stuck in it? Well, we certainly do. And guess what, it’s okay! Here, at Z Omni Serve we love those professional challenges. It’s the growing and developing opportunity and we are not running away from it. The type of the business we do is closely connected to digital industries, and we are more than aware of the rapid changes in it. So, we chose it. And we are choosing it every day when we come to the office. What makes us Happy is the feeling when we say ‘’Yes, I’ve done it, I’ve learned something new today, I’ve contributed and I feel powerful because of that!’’


New satisfied clients come with the modern digital processes

“It’s gold for nerds.” —Stephen Colbert, Comedian What we do is that we took diverse backgrounds and we took modern technologies and we create the best online digital solutions for your businesses’ setbacks. Either you need back-office support, or technical support, or planning on engaging in digital advertising or just want to reach more customers for your product or service, Z Omni Serve team is here to assist your business. And we are glad to help.

Expectations are starting line for success

Whether you are possible candidate for the job, new client, expert in the field or member of our team, you should know that the feedback culture is very important to us. We want you to expect something from us, and we will always have our own expectations, too.

In mathematics expectation is another term for expected value, or as economics say expectations are the forecasts that decision makers hold about future key variables.
Either way our main expectation is that we want to build a healthy long-term cooperations, internal and external. And if you want to know how we do it take a quick look at our website and social media accounts. Looking forward to hearing from you and stay in the loop for new blogs to come. I will leave you with this quote now:
“They succeed, because they think they can.” – Virgil

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